The Best Redlipsticks

Hello, Assalamualaikum, today I would like to share about one of the things that I obsess the most , the red lipstick! Well, actually I love to walk with red lipstick because it gives me the feel of confidence as well as makes me look mature and elegant ;) Those are my favourite red lipstick brands. Application of red lipstick also make our teeth and skin look brighter ;)

1.Queen of Hearts by Collection 2000
 I love it the most because it is a matte lipstick which I love 
(I think matte type lipstick is the most ideal lipstick because it   lighter on lips) and the colour is very intense and dark.

2.Chilli, MaxFactor 

This is my latest lipstick, very nice colour with some glitters on it. The texture is very smooth on lips and very light. But I dont really like the scent of this lipstick. :P 

3. Candy Apple, Revlon 

As cute as its name, this lip butter is very nice in colour, and it does give some moisturizing sensation on lips when I wearing it. The texture very smooth and clean.

4. Destinasi Cinta II, SimplySiti
This is the local product of my country , Malaysia and I love it so much. The colour is bright red , and it is a matte lipstick. Suits to its name Destinasi Cinta( The pathway of love ) I think I found my love, and my love is the lipstick itself. :D 

Thanks for your reading :) Be confident ;))


  1. assalamualaikum

    wahh pasti fara skrg tambah cantik kn.. :)

    fara study lagi berapa tahun nk habis?

  2. yus langsung tak ada konfiden nak pakai lipstik merah. pakai mekap pun tak.

  3. wsalam ayie .. heee.. sama je macam dulu2... lagi 4 tahun :)

    yus: heee.. takpe, bagi fara yang tak pakai mekap tu lah yg lagi konfiden sebab dia dah selesa dengan diri dia. dan tu sgt2 la bagus :)